Carl Froch won’t fight Gennady Golovkin but hopes Andre Ward will

Carl Froch won’t fight Gennady Golovkin but hopes Andre Ward will
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Carl Froch responds to speculation he will come out of retirement to face Gennady Golovkin and says there is only one man ‘Triple G’ should fight…

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November 20, 2016, 2:00am

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Last week, I saw an interview where Tom Loeffler looked like he was having fun and I am not sure Eddie Hearn drinks that much but I saw a picture on Twitter of him with his tie round his head and he looked like the Karate Kid, having a good time, cracking jokes, and all of a sudden they pulled me into the conversation about fighting Golovkin.

I don’t know how they managed that or what they are trying to do, but I know Golovkin is desperate for a big name as he’s not really fought anyone to date.

I’d beat Golovkin. I’m too big for him but it’s not happening.

Carl Froch

I know he’s got a win over Kell Brook but, let’s be honest, Kell is two weight divisions below him so it was not exactly a fair fight, was it?

Honestly, I don’t know why there is all this speculation that I am going to fight Golovkin because I’ve not spoken to Eddie Hearn or Tom Loeffler.

I’ve just seen what everybody else has seen on Twitter and YouTube, but I am amazed they keep bringing my name up. I am nearly 40 years old, I’ve been retired for two-and-a-half years. I just think they should pick on someone else.

Here and now, I’d beat Golovkin. I’m too big for him but it’s not happening.

Golovkin needs to fight somebody. He’s not going to become a Hall of Famer if he doesn’t fight anybody.

If Golovkin wants to fight the best – and after talking about moving up to somewhere near super-middleweight or even 171-172lbs when my negotiations with him took place over a year ago – I am sure Andre Ward could make that weight.

Ward may or may not beat Sergey Kovalev, but I think he does and I am sure he can make it to 12st 2lbs quite easily.

That fight would be one of those where they could say ‘now Golovkin is fighting someone credible’. If he wants to talk about being the best, then he needs to fight the best. So if Ward beats Kovalev that is a fight I would certainly love to see.

Froch has backed Ward to beat Kovalev

I am not sure it would be a 50-50 – simply for the weight reasons – but he was happy to fight someone two weight divisions below him so why not come up one division and fight Ward at super-middleweight or 12st 2lbs?

Then he can show how great he is, how unbeatable he is, how hard he punches. But I will tell you now, Golovkin will get a shock and he’d get beat by Andre Ward.

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