England Netball CEO understands dilemma facing players

England Netball CEO understands dilemma facing players
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Many of England’s netballers are yet to commit to full-time contracts

Ten full-time England Netball contracts remain up for grabs with only half of the deals on offer currently taken up.

None of the players that won World Cup bronze in Australia last year have so far penned full-time deals. Many of them have raised concerns about their careers away from the sport and England Netball CEO Joanna Adams admits some of them face difficult decisions regarding their futures.

“It’s been really difficult the feedback from the girls because they are the ones that ultimately are going to have to juggle their lives while still training,” Adams told Sportsclubsociety News.

“We’ve got public money to fund this programme, we’ve got some commercial money but ultimately it’s money that sport England are giving us so we have to be careful where we invest that money.

England mid-courter Sasha Corbin has accepted a full-time deal

“We have chosen to invest that money in a centralised programme where the girls can commit to playing netball full-time, so it’s disappointing some of those girls can’t commit.

“We are hoping that more will come into the programme. We’re hoping that the girls over in the ANZ will be playing in the Quad Series but this may be a transitional step for us as a sport. This may be a point where the youngsters start to come through and lots of sports go through that change.

“This is not an easy process to go through when you are 31 or 32 and you have a great job. This is not an easy decision to make.

Former GB basketball player Ella Clark has also accepted new deal

“I suppose it’s a decision whether they think they have one more shot at a World Cup and whether they want to dedicate everything to that or whether they want that balance in their life.

“If they want that balance in their life we totally understand that. They can still train outside of the programme they will still be up for selection and hopefully they will still make the squad.”

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