Pamela Cookey picks out four players to watch in the Netball Quad Series

Pamela Cookey picks out four players to watch in the Netball Quad Series
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Former England player Pamela Cookey gives her verdict on the Quad Series

Ahead of the Netball Quad Series, we asked Pamela Cookey to pick out a player to follow from England, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

All six matches in the first ever Netball Quad Series will be shown live on Sportsclubsociety, starting with this Saturday’s opening game between Australia and South Africa.

England will then face New Zealand a few hours later and former Roses player Cookey has selected key performers from all of the four competing teams. 

Jo Harten, England

England will be hoping that Goal Shooter Joanne Harten can supply plenty of points

There is a mixture of youth and experience in the squad, so it will be really great to see where everyone is at and how they have progressed.

The guys coming back from the ANZ, they have had an amazing season, the likes of Jo Harten and Serena Guthrie. It will be good to see them coming in with the players that have performed well in our league such as Ama Agbeze.

If I had to pick a player to watch for England, then I would  definitely have to say Jo Harten. I loved playing with Jo in the shooting circle. She’s had an awesome season with Waikato Magic in the ANZ.

Sharni Layton, Australia

Sharni Layton (R) impressed against England earlier this year

She was over here for our Test series in January and was just on fire in all three games. Sharni was part of Australia’s solid defence and just leads from the back, directing the team from that position. She comes out with some amazing interceptions and turnovers.  

Laura Langman, New Zealand

Laura Langman is an influential player for New Zealand

Laura is a strong centre court player. Very agile, very accurate, and is just an engine for their team. She reached the finals with New South Wales Swifts after moving over to Australia to play her netball.

Bongiwe Msomi, South Africa

Bongiwe Msomi played alongside Cookey at Surrey Storm in 2014

Bongiwe was with us at Surrey Storm the season before last, helping us win that Superleague title, and is a powerhouse at centre court. 

She is a little on the short side for a netball player, but is fit, tenacious and has no fear. She will also be a strong leader for them and I loved playing with her.

Sportsclubsociety Netball Schedule (BST):

Saturday 27 August

0400-0600: Live – Australia v South Africa (Sportsclubsociety 3)

0600-0800: Live – England v New Zealand (Sportsclubsociety 3)

Monday 29th August

1600: Repeat – Australia v South Africa (Sportsclubsociety 4)

1930: Repeat – New Zealand v England (Sportsclubsociety 3)

Wednesday 31 August

0800-1030: Live – South Africa v New Zealand (Sportsclubsociety Mix)

1100-1300: Live – England v Australia (Sportsclubsociety Mix)

1800: Repeat – England v Australia (Sportsclubsociety Mix)

2300: Repeat – New Zealand v South Africa (Sportsclubsociety Mix)

Sunday 4 September

0430-0630: Live – England v South Africa (Sportsclubsociety Mix)

0630-0830: Live – New Zealand v Australia (Sportsclubsociety Mix)

1800: Repeat – England v South Africa (Sportsclubsociety Mix)

Sunday 4 September

1230: Repeat – New Zealand v Australia (Sportsclubsociety Mix)

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