The Panel tell us how good they think Luis Ortiz is..

The Panel tell us how good they think Luis Ortiz is..
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Luis Ortiz is the best-kept secret in the heavyweight world… until Saturday night.

The unbeaten star, known as ‘King Kong’, takes on Malik Scott at the top of a magnificent Monte Carlo card.

We asked The Panel what they make of him…

Tony Bellew

Yes he failed a drugs test and that really annoys me as you know, but he is the most underrated heavyweight around. He has got brute power, good skills, he is durable and I will tell you now, he knocks out Malik Scott inside three rounds. He will brutalise him.

Scott is supposed to be a decent gauge but Ortiz is levels above him. Watch on Saturday night and you will see he is a big, big powerful man and he is a very good fighter as well. He’s got solid fundamentals and it will be interesting to see just how good and how dangerous he is.

David Coldwell

I don’t have any respect for Ortiz the man after the drug issue but he is a very, very good fighter. He is powerful and also mobile, especially considering he’s so big. That in itself is a threat but on top of that, he’s a southpaw and that all makes him a horrible opponent, it really does.

I have other things to worry about in Monte Carlo but it will be interesting to see what he does to Scott. I can see Scott making it a bit awkward for a couple of rounds but Ortiz has a smart brain and he’ll soon figure him out and get to him, probably in seven or eight rounds.

Paul Smith

I think he’s good. I’ve seen him a couple of times and he is good. The heavyweight division is the glamour division, obviously it’s a great division to be in, but I’m too busy looking at our own fighters. Dillian Whyte is raging through, big Pricey is still there, David Haye is what he is, and we’ve got the big fellow Anthony Joshua at the top at the minute, because Tyson Fury is not active. But he is the main man.

As for Ortiz, we could see him beat Scott inside the distance and probably early on if I’m honest with you. Ortiz is a great signing for Matchroom and I’m happy that he’s signed, because we’ll see a lot more of him.

Darren Barker

He is the real deal. He’s won 25, knocked 22 of them out and he is just walking through them all. At 37 he is probably at his peak for a heavyweight but the way he just moves for a heavyweight is brilliant. He’s slick, he’s quick and he has the amateur pedigree. He has got the lot, he really has.

Scott might go a few rounds and cause Ortiz a few problems but ‘King Kong’ is a class above, he really is. We know he’s got the talent and I hope Ortiz wants to show us what he’s got because we will be in for something spectacular. He wins this in style, inside the first half.

Johnny Nelson

Going forward, the man is a beast. He walks people down, he hunts them down and they can’t escape and as an attacking aggressive fighter, Ortiz is dangerous. And I mean dangerous. But if you get him on the back foot, it is a different story. 

I’ve seen many heavyweights who are better than him. He is not a brilliant mover. I expect him to get Scott out of there in the middle rounds but if someone came in with Ortiz with the smartness, the size, the power and the ability to make him miss, it’s a different ball game.

Watch Luis Ortiz v Malik Scott on the Monte Carlo card, including Martin Murray, Jamie McDonnell and Stephen Smith, from 7pm, Saturday, live on Sportsclubsociety 2.

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