WATCH: Fernando Alonso’s latest Brazil trackside adventures

WATCH: Fernando Alonso’s latest Brazil trackside adventures
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For the second year in succession Fernando Alonso found himself forced to stop his McLaren on track at Interlagos in Brazil – and had some novel ways of keeping himself entertained.

Whereas last November the two-time world champion triggered the #PlacesAlonsoWouldRatherBe after lounging in a deckchair trackside, Alonso opted for a game of football with some gravel this year before turning cameraman.

Alonso’s latest adventures started when his car suffered a loss of water pressure. After a struggle to get out of the car as it kept running down the hill when he took his foot off the brake, Alonso, unable to cross the track to return to the pits, started to watch the session trackside.

But that didn’t entertain him for long and Alonso started to play football with a stone on the side of the track, even attempting ‘keepy-uppies’.

With no deckchair like he had in 2015, Alonso then went in search of a seat and the two-time world champion found himself a new job – operating the FOM remote feed camera at Turn Three.

Taking up the position, complete with headphones linking back to the director Alonso even had a go at operating the camera, but as you can see in the video above, his skills weren’t quite up to the standard expected on the world feed.

“I need to get up to technology and improve my skills on the joystick,” Alonso told Sportsclubsociety F1.

“They told me on the headset they would broadcast when Sergio Perez was coming and I tried to find Perez, but I found the sky and the asphalt, but not Perez.

“I am thinking I go back after the drivers briefing for more practice during the Porsche Cup.”

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